Yas Island lights up in celebration of EXPO 2020 Dubai

Yas Island Abu Dhabi, one of the world’s leading leisure and
entertainment hubs, has turned yellow to celebrate EXPO 2020 Dubai this week from September 28, 2021.
In commemoration of the global event which is scheduled to open on October 1 and run until March 31 of
next year, CLYMB Abu Dhabi – home to the world’s widest indoor skydiving chamber and the region’s tallest
indoor climbing wall – and Etihad Arena – the UAE’s new landmark of entertainment with the largest multi-
purpose indoor entertainment arena – will be illuminated in yellow until October 1.

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Yas Island Survey: GCC residents highlight what they look for on their next vacation

A survey of 897 GCC residents reveals that vacationers want to connect with family,

to have fun and simply relax when on holiday

Abu Dhabi, UAE – September 27, 2021: Yas Island, one of the world’s leading leisure and entertainment hubs,
recently conducted a survey to discover what GCC residents really want when planning a vacation. The
research, which surveyed almost 900 participants across the region – including Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman
and Qatar as well as Kuwait – comes as regional border restrictions ease.
GCC residents revealed that the number one thing they were looking for in a vacation was being able to spend
time with their family, with 37% sharing that they are seeking quality family time during their travels, with 47%
of GCC travellers citing family activities as a must-have when travelling abroad. Almost half of over 45 year olds
hoped to spend much deserved time with family members during a holiday. 
With Yas Island’s extensive range of attractions for the whole family, vacationers can experience a destination
like no other and enjoy the wide diversity of rides, hotels, retail and dining outlets available on Yas Island.
Researchers also found that over one third of GCC residents are looking to escape into a world of relaxation
when heading on a vacation. Holidaymakers based in Bahrain, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia look for a
relaxing vacation, with 47%, 37%, 33% and 31% of respondents respectively sharing that they prioritise rest
and relaxation.
Additionally, 46% of survey respondents stated that a great beach was a ‘must have’ during a vacation in the
UAE. With world-class hotels, stunning beaches, and more, all offered at Yas Island, there are few better spots
in the UAE to be able to relax on.
The survey also found that almost one third of GCC respondents are hoping to ‘have fun’ when travelling on
vacations. 68% of respondents between the 18 and 34 age group listed fun as a top priority. With Yas Island
filled with attractions, including the award-winning theme parks Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, Yas Waterworld Abu
Dhabi, and Warner Bros. World TM  Abu Dhabi, as well as the world’s biggest indoor skydiving flight chamber
and region’s tallest indoor climbing wall at CLYMB TM  Abu Dhabi, Yas Island holds all the ingredients to
provide fun for all throughout their time.

29% of survey respondents revealed a must-have on any trip abroad were safety assurances – 33% Qatar, 29%
Bahrain, 26% Oman and 24.7% Saudi Arabia. With a wide range of health and safety measures ongoing at Yas
Island, including regular sanitization of all attractions and hotels, alongside the mandatory wearing of face
masks, the destination is well-known for being one of the safest in the UAE.
With regional borders having recently opened to Abu Dhabi and a comprehensive range of safety and wellness
guidelines firmly in place, Yas Island looks to welcome back travellers from Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain and
Qatar with a vacation like no other.
To discover more, and for more information, please visit: yasisland.ae.

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Ancient Pharaonic coffin arrives for display in Egypt Pavilion at Dubai Expo 2020

The ancient coffin of Priest Psamtik has arrived in Dubai to be displayed for Egypt Pavilion visitors at
Expo Dubai 2020.
The coffin of priest Psamtik, ‘the son of Pediosir’ is one of the colored wooden coffins that were recently
discovered in the area of Saqqara by the archaeological mission of the Supreme Council of Antiquities.
The coffin is decorated with a large necklace that ends with the heads of a falcon, with the goddess of sky
“Nut” appears spreading her wings, carrying the two feathers of ‘Maat ‘(the goddess of truth and justice).
The center part of the coffin is decorated with religious incantations. Around its sides are two rows of
“Was” deities holding a scepter in her hands. At the lower part of the coffin, two figures of the god of
afterlife Anubis appear above his cottage standing in front of the deceased.
A group of modern replicas of King Tutankhamun have also arrived to be displayed at Egypt pavilion.
The collection of King Tutankhamun replicas include his golden mask, his own sarcophagus, the ‘Ka’
guardian statue of the king, the special festive chair as well as the golden king’s throne.
The notion of coffins in the ancient Egyptian civilization is of great significance from a religious and
symbolic point of view, as it is the most important phase in the burial process and the place where the
body of the deceased is prepared for the process of judgment in the afterlife.

The transfer of these artifacts comes to assure the keenness of all Egyptian state agencies to maximize all
their capabilities to grant the success of the Egyptian participation in Expo Dubai 2020 and to ensure that
Egypt’s pavilion reflect the significance of the country’s role and leadership as one of the most top tourist
attractions and archaeological destinations in the world.

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Poland. Her middle name is History

Poland. Her middle name is History
We present to you an article by Karol Nawrocki, President of the National Remembrance
Institute. Text published in the monthly Wszystko Co Najważniejsze (Poland) as part of a
historical education project of the Institute of National Remembrance.
President of the National Remembrance Institute
We want to tell you about the extraordinary history of Poland, a country that has not only
suffered as few other countries have, but also knew how to use the experience as a source of
strength to fight for the most universal human value – freedom.
WW2 started in Poland. Although this is common knowledge, a lot of people might be
surprised to find out that the country was attacked not only by Germany. On 17 September
1939, its border was also crossed by Soviet troops who took control of almost half of Polish
territory. They did this to implement a secret agreement signed on 23 August between Nazi
Germany and Bolshevik Russia. It is this very day that the European Parliament chose as the
European Day of Remembrance for Victims of Stalinism and Nazism.
Poland was once among the most powerful states of Europe, boasting a then innovative
system of democracy that curtailed royal power. As early as the Middle Ages, Polish jurists
developed the “Polish school of the law of nations” that rejected aggression and wars against
pagan states. Practicing a unique form of toleration, the Kingdom of Poland attracted
intellectuals from all over Europe who sometimes fled persecution in their own country. It
provided a haven of the Jewish diaspora that had been pushed out of western Europe from the
time of the Middle Ages.
In the 19th century, Poland was torn apart by Russia, Prussia and Austria, losing its
independence for 123 years. The invaders bloodily put down any uprisings, destroyed Polish
culture and required that Polish children be educated in foreign languages. Yet, five
generations on, in 1918, it took us only several months to rebuild the state and raise an army
of volunteers who, in 1920, saved Europe from the invasion of Bolshevik Russia eager to
impose communism on the continent. 101 years after the battle, considered the 18th most
important battle in world’s history, it is worth emphasising that Poland accomplished a feat
that was not the result of its economic or military might. What tipped the balance was the
exceptional gene of freedom that the Poles have always carried.
After 1920, Poland developed a robust economy and a strong state, but only managed to raise
one generation born in a free country. As soon as 1939, the first shots of WW2 were fired and
our freedom was taken again by two totalitarian regimes. This time round they wanted to
physically annihilate the nation.
About 6 million Poles were killed during the war, including over 3 million Polish citizens of
Jewish descent. It was in Poland that the Germans perpetrated the Holocaust. Polish elites
were being methodically murdered. Over 800 Polish villages were subjected to pacification,
their inhabitants killed and buildings burned to the ground. The Germans built their largest
death factory, Auschwitz-Birkenau, initially for the Poles. The Soviet Union, which seized

almost half of Poland, murdered about 20,000 Polish officers. Hundreds of thousands of
Polish citizens were transported to the far reaches of Russia where they died of hunger and
slave labour. The economy and agriculture were totally destroyed and the biological
continuity of the nation was severed.
Even so, the Poles fought right from the very first day of the war, deploying the fifth largest
army after the USA, the Soviet Union, the UK and France. Polish mathematicians provided
the French and the British with complete Enigma encryption machines, shifting the
mathematics of war in favour of the Allies, whilst Polish engineers gave the allied forces the
mine detector and the walkie-talkie.
The Poles still had that gene of freedom that drove them on to fight the Germans in Africa,
Italy, France and England whether in the air or at sea. They also accomplished extraordinary
acts of courage in German-occupied Poland where helping Jews carried a death sentence like
in no other country captured by the Germans. The social worker Irena Sendlerowa contributed
to saving almost 2,000 Jewish children. Sister Matylda Getter used the network of orphanages
run by her religious order to hide several hundred children taken out of ghettos.

On the cusp of freedom, the great powers handed Poland over to be ruled by the Soviet Union
and its puppet communist government. Soviet special forces entered our country with the
advancing front, carrying out mass arrests and murders of the people who had fought for their
freedom for five years. As the West celebrated its regained freedom, Poland’s liberty was
taken again by Soviet Russia.
A telling example is Witold Pilecki, one of the greatest Polish war heroes, a man who has
become a global symbol of opposition to totalitarian regimes. As a young man he fought in
the 1920 war. Following 1939, he went underground. It was he who infiltrated that hell on
earth that was Auschwitz, set up a clandestine network in the camp and drafted a report to
inform the Allies about the extermination methods used by the Germans. When the war was
over, he was arrested by the communist authorities, tortured to obtain a confession, and then
sentenced to death in a show trial. Right after he heard the verdict, the said: “Auschwitz was
nothing compared to this.”
The Poles have never renounced their freedom. At the time when half of Europe was under
the influence of the Soviet Union, Poland rebelled. There was no decade without a protest,
that was usually bloodily suppressed, and the scale of social rejection of communist rule is
best demonstrated by the fact that when “Solidary” was founded in 1980 10 million Poles
became members!
The birth of “Solidarity” started the erosion of Soviet communism. Ten years later, the entire
Europe could again enjoy freedom. The Soviet empire collapsed, Central European countries
became democratic again and their citizens were set free. The regained European unity was
also due to the Polish freedom gene.
The Polish Institute of National Remembrance wants to tell the world about Poland and the
Poles so that history can teach us lessons of wisdom and responsibility, including in global
Karol Nawrocki

Text published in the monthly Wszystko Co Najważniejsze (Poland) as part of a historical
education project of the Institute of National Remembrance.

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With 1 Billion downloads ,“Mobile Legends: Bang Bang” launching 5th Anniversary Event

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang(Hereinafter referred to as MLBB), a World Famous Mobile Game with 1 Billion Downloads, has recently lauched its 5th Anniversary Event, which is considered as one of the biggest online feast in Arab regions. To reward Arab players for their everlasting support, MLBB especially provides the following exclusive benefits for Arab players in their “5hare fun, forge legends” anniversary event:

Brand New UI and Free A-Level Skin

High-quality revamps, tweaks, and balancing will be carried out each time, allowing players to enjoy an even better experience alongside a revamped Brawl mode.

SNT (Saudi National Football Team) co-branded skin will come back with exclusive discount !

Be sure to jump in and obtain free in-game items during the celebrations, with exclusive avatar borders, emotes,effects up and 3 porcelain skins (including the latest skin of Miya) for grabs.

Arab Players who play MLBB more than 3 years would also get Elite skin( whose value is USD10) for free,while other players would get Normal skin(whose value is USD 5) for free on 2nd,October.

KOL Development Plan Exposure

Recruiting creators from various platforms to create MLBB content and attracting influential Middle Eastern users to become MLBB content creators through multiple benefits in the following forms:

  1. Rich Cash Incentives( basic salaries+ milestone prize)
  2. Opportunity to interact with MLBB official media
  3. Opportunity to be invited to MLBB global events
  4. Get priority access to MLBB’s new content revelations, free experience of new skins.
  5. Excellent talents of TikTok will get official promotion from TikTok and MLBB
  6. MLBB will share high-quality content produced by creators through official media

MLBB 5th Anniversary Event has attracted hundreds of the top Influencers to attend, and now it has became one of the biggest Mobile Game event in MENA region, for more details, please click the links below:

MLBB Official Media:




MLBB Download link: https://bit.ly/2JYN1PH

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McLaren unveils all-new, next-generation High-Performance Hybrid supercar – the McLaren Artura

McLaren Automotive, the British creator of luxury, high-performance supercars, has revealed the long-anticipated McLaren Artura today, marking the beginning of both a new chapter for the pioneering luxury supercar company and a new era in supercar technology and performance. 

Underpinned by the McLaren philosophy of super-lightweight engineering, the Artura is a distillation of every attribute inherent in a McLaren, combined with faster throttle response, lower emissions and ability to run in pure EV mode, thanks to its ground-breaking electrified powertrain.

“We are proud and honoured to showcase the all-new McLaren Artura in the Kingdom of Bahrain and on the day of its global debut. This revolutionary High-Performance Hybrid supercar marks a beginning of a new era for both McLaren Automotive and the wider supercar segment. Every drop of our engineering expertise gained across more than 50 years of racing has been poured into the Artura, to deliver a combination of breath-taking performance, driver engagement and dynamic excellence, which our brand is so renowned for. I am confident that this extraordinary creation will appeal to both our existing and new customers in the Middle East region.”

Brett Soso, Managing Director – Europe, Middle East & Africa, McLaren Automotive Ltd.

The McLaren Artura is the first model built on the new McLaren Carbon Lightweight Architecture (MCLA), which sets new standards for advanced and flexible chassis design and has been optimised for hybrid applications through bespoke battery compartment, domain-based ethernet electrical architecture, as well as electrical air-conditioning. The new platform compliments a wealth of additional weight-reduction measures, resulting in class-leading lightest dry weight of 1,395kg*, and a DIN kerb weight of 1,489kg*.

At the heart of the Artura’s all-new powertrain is a lightweight 2,993cc twin-turbocharged V6 petrol engine, paired to a bespoke eight-speed transmission and a compact e-motor, which provides the supercar with instant torque and improved throttle response. The package generates a combined power output of 680PS (671 bhp) and 720S Nm of torque, which translates to a class-leading power-to-weight ratio of 488PS per tonne*, as well as truly breath-taking performance figures. The Artura’s top speed is electronically limited to 330km/h with 0-100km/h reached in just 3.0 seconds* and 0-200 km/h in 8.3 seconds*. 

The Artura is designed with full Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) capability and can be charged to an 80% level in just 2.5 hours. The battery pack, comprising five lithium-ion modules, can also harvest power from the combustion engine during driving, depending on the driving mode selected. This solution provides the driver with a unique ability to enjoy the car in silent, pure EV mode with a range of up to 30km and a top speed of 130km/h. 

The engineering artistry beneath the Artura’s skin is complemented by its exterior design, which gives the car a ‘shrink-wrapped’ appearance and pushes the McLaren design language seen in recent models to a new level. The technical sculpture of the car has been conceived to optimise aerodynamic performance, as well as cooling, and is driven by the McLaren design principle of ‘everything for a reason’.

Every McLaren cockpit is built around the driver, but the Artura brings a new level of meaning to that principle. The driving experience is enhanced through a new Digital Instrument Cluster mounted to the steering column, so it moves in conjunction with the steering wheel. The Artura is also the first McLaren to offer Over-The-Air (OTA) updates, as well as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), which include Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop/Go, Road-Sign Recognition, Lane-Departure Warning and High-Beam Assist. 

Peace of mind on quality and durability were core considerations with the all-new Artura and it is no surprise that its development programme was the most rigorous ever in McLaren’s history.  Available to order now from McLaren retailers, with first deliveries to customers commencing in Q3 of this year, the Artura is priced at AED 954,000 in the UAE, and in standard specification, which includes a 3-year service plan, Smartphone Integration Package and Practicality Pack as a no cost option. This pack includes Vehicle Lift, power-folding heated door mirrors with ‘Dip in Reverse’ functionality, four front and four rear parking sensors, rear-view camera, Homelink® and soft-close doors. 

For more information on McLaren Automotive’s retail locations in the Middle East, as well as its award-winning supercars, including the all-new McLaren Artura, please visit: https://cars.mclaren.com/.  


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Impress with Luxury Gift Collections from Bateel this Ramadan

World-renowned for the finest gourmet dates, Bateel offers the perfect gifting choice for the Holy month with a bespoke Ramadan collection. Featuring traditional mosaic patterns, Bateel’s premium selection of wooden chests and contemporary carton gift sets exude elegance and sophistication. Taking inspiration from Arabian heritage, the vibrant colours and traditional motifs of each collection is sure to impress during the momentous season.

The exquisite artisan collection and luxury packaging is filled with an assortment of Bateel’s finest gourmet dates and fillings. Offering an inimitable taste and flavour profile, dates are the perfect token of appreciation to impress friends and family with. Packed with essential vitamins and nutrients, dates are internationally acclaimed for their health benefits as a superfood. Break your fast with over 20 varieties of sustainably farmed, organic Bateel dates. 

Each gift bearing the Bateel name is a reflection of impeccable taste. Designed as a treasured piece of art, the Mirage Collection is handcrafted with intricate detail by Peruvian artists. A vibrant display, the Flora Collection offers mesmerising colour contrasts that are elegantly accompanied by a sleek glass-finish. Adorned with gold and blue arabesque motifs, the Safi Collection is beautifully emblazoned with an Arabic greeting in gold calligraphy. For a truly unique Ramadan gift idea, delight with a beautiful display of Ramadan Trays and Etagérès layered with premium dates. 

Create lasting impressions this season with Bateel’s luxurious Ramadan gift sets and bespoke personalisation options.

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ABB urges greater adoption of high-efficiency motors and drives to combat climate change – global electricity consumption to be reduced by 10%

In a new whitepaper published today, ABB reveals potential for significant energy efficiency improvements in industry and infrastructure enabled by the latest and most high-efficiency motors and variable speed drives. ABB calls on governments and industry to accelerate adoption of the technology to help combat climate change.

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), industry accounts for 37 percent of global energy use and some 30 percent of global energy is consumed in buildings.

While mostly hidden from public view, electric motors – and the variable speed drives which optimize their operation – are embedded in almost every built environment. They power a vast range of applications fundamental to our modern way of life, from industrial pumps, fans and conveyors for manufacturing and propulsion systems for transportation to compressors for electrical appliances and heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems in buildings.

Utilizing high efficiency motor and drive technology saves energy in refrigeration systems typically found deep in the center of a food and beverage facilities.
Utilizing high efficiency motor and drive technology saves energy in refrigeration systems typically found deep in the center of a food and beverage facilities.

Motor and drive technologies have seen exceptionally rapid advancement in the past decade, with today’s innovative designs delivering remarkable energy efficiencies. However, a significant number of industrial electric motor-driven systems in operation today – in the region of 300 million globally – are inefficient or consume much more power than required, resulting in monumental energy wastage.

Independent research estimates that if these systems were replaced with optimized, high-efficiency equipment, the gains to be realized could reduce global electricity consumption by up to 10 percent. In turn, this would account for more than 40 percent of the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions needed to meet the 2040 climate goals established by the Paris Agreement.

“Industrial energy efficiency, more than any other challenge, has the single greatest capacity for combatting the climate emergency. It is essentially the world’s invisible climate solution,” said Morten Wierod, President ABB Motion. “For ABB, sustainability is a key part of our company Purpose and of the value that we create for all of our stakeholders. By far the biggest impact we can have in reducing greenhouse gas emissions is through our leading technologies, which reduce energy use in industry, buildings and transport.”

Considerable steps have already been taken to support the uptake of electric vehicles and renewable energy sources. ABB believes it is time to do the same for an industrial technology that will deliver even greater benefits for the environment and the global economy.

Pumping applications like this are wide spread across all industries and buildings and are a prime target for energy savings.
Pumping applications like this are wide spread across all industries and buildings and are a prime target for energy savings.

“The importance of transitioning industries and infrastructure to these highly energy efficient drives and motors to play their part in a more sustainable society cannot be overstated,” continued Morten Wierod. “With 45 percent of the world’s electricity used to power electric motors in buildings and industrial applications, investment in upgrading them will yield outsized rewards in terms of efficiency.”

ABB frequently assesses the net impact of its own installed high efficiency motors and drives on global energy efficiency. In 2020, it enabled 198 terawatt-hours of electricity savings – more than half of the UK’s annual consumption. By 2023, it is estimated that ABB motors and drives will enable customers globally to save an additional 78 terawatt-hours of electricity per year, almost as much as the annual consumption of Belgium, Finland or the Philippines and more than the total annual consumption of Chile.

Regulatory policies are among the main drivers of industrial investment in energy efficiency around the globe. While the European Union will be implementing its Ecodesign Regulation (EU 2019/1781) this year, which sets out stringent new requirements for an expanding range of energy efficient motors, many countries have yet to take action.

To take advantage of the tremendous opportunities afforded by energy efficient drives and motors to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, ABB says all stakeholders have a critical role to play:

  • Public decision makers and government regulators need to incentivize their rapid adoption,
  • Businesses, cities, and countries need to be aware of both the cost savings and environmental advantages and be willing to make the investment, and
  • Investors need to reallocate capital towards companies better prepared to address the climate risk.

“While our role at ABB is to always provide the most efficient technologies, products and services to our customers, and continue to innovate for ever greater efficiency, that in itself is not enough. All stakeholders need to work together to bring about a holistic transformation in how we use energy. By acting and innovating together, we can keep critical services up and running while saving energy and combatting climate change”, concludes Morten Wierod.

ABB’s white paper “Achieving the Paris Agreement: The Vital Role of High-Efficiency Motors and Drives in Reducing Energy Consumption” can be downloaded here.

ABB (ABBN: SIX Swiss Ex) is a leading global technology company that energizes the transformation of society and industry to achieve a more productive, sustainable future. By connecting software to its electrification, robotics, automation and motion portfolio, ABB pushes the boundaries of technology to drive performance to new levels. With a history of excellence stretching back more than 130 years, ABB’s success is driven by about 105,000 talented employees in over 100 countries. www.abb.com

ABB Motion keeps the world turning – while saving energy every day. We innovate and push the boundaries of technology to enable the low-carbon future for customers, industries and societies. With our digitally enabled drives, motors and services our customers and partners achieve better performance, safety and reliability. We offer a combination of domain expertise and technology to deliver the optimum drive and motor solution for a wide range of applications in all industrial segments. Through our global presence we are always close to serve our customers. Building on over 130 years of cumulative experience in electric powertrains, we learn and improve every day.

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Rounds 1 and 2 of Formula E’s maiden campaign as an FIA World Championship will take place amid the historic desert surroundings of the UNESCO World Heritage site, with the streets of historic Diriyah, Saudi Arabia the stage for the series’ season-opener for a third year in a row.

The Diriyah E-Prix will run at 17:00 GMT (20:00 local time) on February 26 & 27, with the next set of races to be confirmed in early 2021. All calendar updates are subject to approval of the FIA World Motor Sport Council.

With Season 7 initially intended to debut in Chile, the decision was taken to postpone the Santiago E-Prix, with Formula E now working with the city to finalise dates on which to stage the races later in Q1 of 2021.

Set for a spectacular double header in the dark, the track will be lit with the latest low consumption LED technology, designed to reduce energy consumption by up to fifty per cent compared to non-LED technologies. The remaining energy needed to power the floodlighting will be fully renewable provided by high performing low-carbon certified hydrogenated vegetable oil made from sustainable materials.

Last time out in Saudi, Sam Bird soared out of the blocks to take to the top step for Envision Virgin Racing in a storming first race of Season 6, with Alexander Sims (then-BMW i Andretti Motorsport) following up with a maiden victory in Round 2.

The battle of the debutant German marques saw TAG Heuer Porsche open its podium account via Andre Lotterer in its very first E-Prix, with Stoffel Vandoorne matching that feat on behalf of Mercedes-Benz EQ, following up with second trip to the rostrum in as many races for Mercedes.

Saudi Arabian citizens and residents can fly the flag for the nation at next month’s E-Prix as a limited number of tickets – in regulation with COVID19 protocols – are due to go general sale later this month.

His Royal Highness Prince Khalid Bin Sultan Al-Abdullah Al-Faisal, Chairman of The Saudi Automobile and Motorcycle Federation, said: “In 2019 Diriyah played host to the opening round of season six, and it’s a privilege to welcome the championship back for its debut round again this season – albeit against different circumstances this year. The Diriyah E-Prix made history last year by hosting back-to-back races during a race weekend and once again we will make sporting history by hosting the first ever night race in Formula E. Our ambition is to enable Saudi citizens to attend the race and enjoy it first-hand, and we’re working hard to ensure the location is safe and secure for fans to attend. More announcements on ticketing will be made in the near future.”

Alberto Longo, Co-founder and Chief Championship Officer of Formula E, added: “We are very excited to be returning to the iconic Diriyah circuit for the opening race weekend of the 2020/21 season and to partner with Saudi to create Formula E’s first ever night race. I have no doubt the race will be spectacular and lead to a style of competitive action we haven’t seen before. Our first thought, as always, was about how to bring to life a night race in a sustainable way. I’m pleased to say we have achieved this with innovative low consumption LED technology, ensuring we can maintain the standards of sustainable practice we hold ourselves accountable to.”

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The Middle East’s newest bowling center

Sala Entertainment officially opens “Strike 10” bowling center in Riyadh

Sala Entertainment, a company specializing in high-end family entertainment, has officially opened the “Strike 10” bowling center in Hamra Mall in Riyadh, which comes in line with the company’s plan to expand locally through the opening of several high-end entertainment centers in various regions of Saudi Arabia.

The company has adopted the newest and unique bowling concept in its centers in Saudi Arabia with the latest easy automatic scoring and direct score with Social Media interface posting to the player’s account, which means that the player shares with his friends the game, scores and gets direct encouragement from them.

Strike 10 bowling center was built on a total area of 1,340 square meters, and equipped with eight 60-foot bowling lanes from QubicaAMF, the world’s leading company in bowling equipment, as well as bumper lanes for beginners training suitable for all ages and skill levels. Strike 10 bowling center, as well, is fitted to host both national and regional bowling tournaments.

Alongside the opening of Strike 10 bowling center, Sala Entertainment opened BOB’s CAFÉ/Restaurant, a trendy restaurant that offers its guests the opportunity to taste the chef’s unique innovations from the American cuisine, including angus burger served with sharable and giant buffalo wings, along with a selection of appetizers and beverages that add new flavors to delight all tastes, in addition to softly sweet and mesmerizing desserts.

On this occasion, Mohammed Attia, CEO of Sala Entertainment, said: “The opening of Strike 10 Bowling Center in Riyadh comes as part of the company’s strategic expansion plan to achieve local expansion. Strike 10 Bowling Center is a major addition to the family entertainment destinations in Saudi Arabia. The Center is fully equipped to provide all convenient entertainment for all community segments, including the sports youth segments.”

He added: “The Center that we open today is our second branch in the Kingdom, and we will soon open our third center at Al Nakheel Mall Extension in Riyadh, and in the near future, we will open other centers in different regions of the Kingdom, including the western region.”

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